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Door Hardware Templates Unlimited
Providing Quality products since 2003
Door Frame Spreaders
Clear lockstands
Door closer templates
Mortise lock templates
Door rip guides
Cylinder lock templates
Router trim plate router jigs
Exit device templates
​*** Mortise templates have laminated clear labels, all functions both sides, beveled holes  for Vix bit, Etched Black 
     colored centerlines and built-in resess stops positioning.
*** Door closer templates are Etched with Red and Black lined layouts for regular arm and parallel arm, clear 
     laminated labels,
     beveled holes for Vix bits with 1st hole locators for arm brackets. 
*** Exit device templates are similar to mortise lock templates.
*** Router jigs for all door trim plates.
*** Cylinder lock templates are similar to mortise lock templates.
*** Clear lock stands for displaying locksets, drilled any ready for installation of desired lockset.
*** Door frame leg spreaders for fast easy installation of door frames.  Available in 36" to 96" openings.  They come 
     in one, two and three piece folding units with hinges.   Also available  in single 36" unit with 30", 32" 34" and 36"
     function capabilities. 
*** Door rip guides available from 39" to 96".     
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Products made with Lexan and Acrylic Plastic