Door Hardware Templates List 

  • All hardware and any maufacturer   

  • We have hardware templates for any need: 

• Mortise Locks           Schlage, Corbin-Russwin, etc.

• Door Closers             LCN, Norton, Dorma.etc.   
      Regular arm
      Parallel arm
      Both Regular & Parallel arm on one template
      Slide-bar types

• Magnetic Locks             Locktronics and more.
      Single units
      Double units

  • Cylinderical locks
  • Panic Exit Devices
  • Door Trim plate router jigs
  • Door window lite scribes
     *  Door Push-Pull scribes
  • Door Jamb installation spreader

                            Special Orders

  • We now have CARRYING CASES for all of your templates.needs.  Our carrying cases are made to your template sizes.  These will make it easy for transportingfrom job to job and also protects your investment.       

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Door closer template shown
  with regular and parallel                      locators

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